Absolution – cosmetics

Absolution – cosmetics – nyt økologisk luksusbrand på det danske marked

Absolution – eksklusiv fransk skønhedspleje.

Absolution – cosmetics blev stiftet i Paris af Isabelle Caron i 2009. Brandet står bag en enkelt og luksuriøs serie af prisvindende krops- og ansigtsplejeprodukter til både mænd og kvinder.

Økologi og bæredygtighed er kodeord for Absolution. Derfor er mærket Ecocert – certificeret og har et højere indhold af økologiske ingredienser end de fleste andre mærker. Over 60 procent af de samlede ingredienser er økologiske. Alle produkterne bliver fremstillet i Frankrig. Samtlige ingredienser er af fransk oprindelse.

Kig ind på produkterne

Isabelle Caron about Absolution:

”Of course, all our products are certified organic… That’s the least we can do! Because we couldn’t imagine offering you anything but exceptional skincare, all our products contain at least 60% of ingredients produced by organic farming. In addition, 99% of our vegetal ingredients are organic. We exceed the standard 10% which is required to be certified organic.”

”… As it would have been a shame to go without great and efficient ingredients such as wild plants, minerals and natural vitamins – which can’t be farmed, so cannot be certified organic – we have chosen to integrate them in our formulas.
Absolution is made in France. All our suppliers are also located in France (in the same region) and together, we are committed to sustainable development processes.

Packaging of Absolution is recycled and/or recyclable and printed with vegetal inks.
We have chosen to use Airless bottles made from Polypropylene (PP) instead of glass, to guarantee the safest product which is preserved from oxidation and germs. Using Polypropylene also helps to reduce the ecological impact of transportation (transporting glass is heavier and more expensive).

Because we are looking for the right balance between eco-conscious and urban lifestyle because we are concerned with our image, our well-being and the protection of the planet, attracted by organic certified products but not willing to give up pleasure, because we always want more results and more efficiency… 

A shorter range of products, more simplicity, highly organic certified skincare that are customizable to the different skin’s moods, each day as it comes… for men and for women.”